is an introduction to person-centred spirituality which challenges many of the doctrines and practices of the Christian churches – especially where they refuse to follow intelligible science. The cows are no longer ‘sacred’, as the myth is pared away to reveal an appealing, lightweight framework focussing on present reality, and enjoying history as a gift from the past.

You will delight in the personal childhood experiences of faith, told as a story from the present, indicating how each of us might weave our own experience into a meaningful spirituality, to strengthen our resilience for the challenges of 21st century living.

The accompanying “Prison Rainbow”, by Patrick Hughes, is used here with the kind permission of the artist.                                                                                           

                  THANK YOU, Patrick!

Much of this book is a challenge to Christian churches to reflect on their doctrine and practice and to unburden themselves of out-of-date and unsubstantiated material. Only then can they offer a ‘pilgrim’ model of spirituality to those who persisted in membership, not yet deterred by the misleading and unscientific positions adopted by church leaders down the years.

In his closing paragraph the author provokes: “We can explore whether he (Jesus) called followers to the realms of the divine (the Kingdom), or to build an institution (the Church) which would go on to dilute or re-interpret every word he uttered.”

Can the churches accommodate such challenge and change in the 21st Century?

Even if that might not be possible, Peter Tarleton Stewart encourages us to begin re-formation at a personal level. This means that we develop a mature spirituality which recognises our worthiness to share with all others the privilege of an earthly life, and the reality of a divine spirit.


 I read your book whilst on holiday recently and really enjoyed it. There is so much in it to inspire and encourage. The book was very readable and I am sure it will be a help to  many  who are ready to explore an authentic spirituality “  –  Rev Ian Jennings

”  I kept putting it down, to do other things, but then I just had to keep picking it up and reading it to the end! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. “  –  Susan Evans  

“  I have just finished the book which is amazing! It helped me so much, as sometimes I struggle with the ‘preachy’ side of faith. Thank you so much. ”  –  Alex Brown

MAY 2022 – Radio Interview with Maeve Halpin on Dublin South Radio –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    https://anchor.fm/maeve-halpin/episodes/Peter-Tarleton-on-his-new-book-Rainbows-and-Windmillls—21st-Century-Spirituality-e1hdvhf

Radio Interview with Andrew Edwards on BBC Radio Leeds 15.05.22                                                                                                                                                                  https://1drv.ms/u/s!AipKgahCAp3W1HdhGNnBy1dHXOTX

VERY enjoyable inspiring launch at Christ Church Cathedral with Fr Tom Layden SJ, Ecumenical Canon of that cathedral.                                                                                                                                                                    Wonderful food from Joanne & Gerry Green; wine from Paul Slack;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Touching inclusive words from Mahak Verma of Columba Books.

Carlow Farmers’ cattle mart hosted a book-signing recently. Thank you John Maher! The ‘craic’ was good and the connections were magical. Farmers, mothers and children rejoicing in the moment.



The Author, Peter Tarleton Stewart, originally from Limerick, acted as chaplain to schools, university, prisons and hospitals, in  Limerick, Wigan, Doncaster, Leeds and Preston. He worked as a parish clergyman in Cork, Dublin, Cootehill, Killeshin and  Portlaoise. He retired in 2020 after 46 years as an Anglican priest.

He was a Canon of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Cathedral, Sheffield, in the 1990’s, and of St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, from 2013. Although no academic scholar, he achieved enough at Magee University College, Derry, and Trinity College, Dublin, to be accepted for ordination in 1973. Having been once called ‘arrogant’ by the Regius Professor of Divinity, at Trinity, an offended Peter protested that he was in fact quite a modest person. The ensuing reply was: “You have much to be modest about, Mr. Tarleton”!

Peter went on to complete a Higher Diploma in Education whilst a curate in Dublin. That qualification allowed him to call himself a teacher. His priority in education was to ask questions to which he himself did not already know the answers. And this book is a testimony to that approach.

He has always been actively interested in politics, recognising how it often served the interests of the few to the exclusion of the most vulnerable. In 1979 he stood for Limerick County Council in local elections where he sought to represent patients from the psychiatric hospital, inmates from the prison, and the travelling people – few of whom would be likely to vote. Despite a vigorous campaign supported by a number of University and Art College students and staff, he failed to get elected.

When he and his wife, Joss, objected to planning permission for a major road, which was to be developed on the edge of the estate where they were living, it prompted a front page headline in the local Limerick Weekly Echo : “STOP IT VICAR – Who will rid us of this turbulent priest?”

As a Christian he sees the world as a place in which to be involved, and has called on the church to be bold in its service to humanity, and respectful in its care of the Earth. Church buildings and Canon Law have never been among Peter’s priorities, as he feels that they distract people from growing spiritually. He was once given a letter of dismissal from a senior priest – because he refused to implement a policy of keeping young Roman Catholics from attending the Saturday night parish youth club.

Basically, he has been trouble, wherever he went!


Coming Books

2023 “Butterflies & Bees” – developing the personal story and understanding where it’s  going – higher and deeper. It will be published within the coming year. This book will focus on how our spirituality finds practical application in our decision-making and daily living. APPLIED SPIRITUALITY – it might be called!

It will look at:

  • how a Protestant teenage boy in 1960’s Northern Ireland was trained in the use of guns
  • how his life-direction was altered by fine margins in a Royal Navy eye test
  • how a man who could be so positive and clear in public matters could be so negative and disordered in personal relationships


2024 “More power to yer Elbow– a spirituality work programme for volunteers and  professionals working with those approaching end of life. How everybody has a part to play in providing spiritual care. This continues the theme of directing your own life – as distinct from turning to ‘professional specialists’ to tell us what to do.

Contact Peter at:  info@fallhappy.com

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